How a hair transplant can change your life

How a hair transplant can change your life

written by Dr Sherry Blackman from My Hair Transplant

Hair loss is a common problem for both men and women, which can occur on the head, eyebrows, moustache and beard. It’s usually attributed to heredity, but can also be triggered by hormonal factors, stress and nutrient deficiencies. Instead of worrying about the lost hair, it’s better to resort to hair transplant in Birmingham for the following 7 reasons:

1. Improved confidence

Hair loss can lead to major life changes like a drop in your job performance, hesitance at meeting people and even avoiding doing things you once enjoyed doing. A hair transplant and vaser liposuction Harley street can help improve your appearance wherein you automatically feel more confident about yourself.

2. Look young

You tend to look older than you actually are if you lose hair. Even patchy hair on your head creates a shaggy appearance which is in turn demeaning to you. A hair transplant and vaser liposuction can help make you look younger, while improving your appearance.

3. Permanent results

The latest hair transplant techniques like FUE in liposuction clinic in London have improved a lot from the hair plugs technique which were in vogue in the 70s and 80s. These techniques now give permanent results as the donor hair follicles are resistant to genetics. This means that it will not fall out once transplanted, so that you end up with a full head of hair or a full moustache, beard or eyebrows throughout your life.

4. Natural look

While the older, outdated hair transplant techniques made you look unnatural, modern FUE techniques not only provide for a smooth head of hair, but also give you a natural and feathery hairline. In fact, no one will ever know you had undergone a hair transplant or liposuction in London.

5. Progress at work

Sometimes your old looks because of lost hair may hamper a promotion at work, or even prevent you from getting a job as you look like you won’t be able to work for long at the company. A hair transplant prevents all this by helping to get you noticed at work or in an interview, to help you get your dream job or promotion.

6. More hair styling options

You don’t have many hair styling options to try out with thin hair. However with a hair transplant in Birmingham in London liposuction clinic, you end up with perhaps a full head of hair that gives you more hair styling options.

You can decide if you want to keep your hair long, cut short, tied up or even let loose to suit the occasion and make an impression at work or while on a formal night on the town.

7. Better social media presence

Social platforms let you connect with family and friends and helps with dating and your job portfolio. It’s also necessary that you have a photograph of yourself in these sites as people will first see your picture.

It’s important you have a good photo of yourself as photos with thinning or no hair will create a poor and negative impression of you to potential dates, employers, clients and even friends. Instead of creating a negative impression of yourself on the social media, take your photo after you get a hair transplant or liposuction in London to create a positive social media presence.

What To Do To Beat The Ontario Real Estate Market

What To Do To Beat The Ontario Real Estate Market

 real estate market

The real estate market may be in a crunch right now, but that doesn’t mean you would never have a chance to lease or sell your house. You just have to be smarter as well as be extra creative and resourceful in the way you advertise your home. To assist you to get started, you can consider the following tips.

Making your home presentable always starts with a task that most people hate: clean-ups. You need to give your house a good tidying up inside and out. Clean it until it looks almost brand new, and afterwards, you have to maintain your home in that fashion until you succeed in having it leased or sold.

Images speak a thousand words, and you should work on getting the best pictures of your house for your ads. Make sure that you take as many photos as possible and at various angles too. Photos under natural lighting are best, but other settings would do as long as you have a good eye for photos, and you are using a top-of-the-line camera. If you don’t have one, obtain one from your friends. There are some things that photos – and not words – can only say.

Naturally, the wording in point2homes titles should include the most important details of your house. These include its location and the number of rooms it has as well as your asking price. And consider mentioning if the price is negotiable or not too.

And utilise the Internet to its utmost advantage as well. You are more likely to lease or sell your home if you keep blogging and tweeting about it. Look for forums that allow you to advertise your home. The purpose is to have as many people know about your property being currently on sale.

Consider an open house as well and schedule it at the most favorable time and day such as during a weekend afternoon, for example. Have colorful fliers made and post these on your local community boards? Of course, request your friends to spread the word. Be sure to add the little detail of presence of food and drinks too. It doesn’t matter if only 3 out of 10 of your visitors are prospective buyers. You just need that one destined match, and all your problems will be solved.

In spite of the tough conditions that you are up against, you still have a choice not to hire an agent to help sell your property. It would mean working harder than usual on advertising your home, but it is by no means undoable. If, however, you choose to hire a real estate agent in scarborough, you no longer have to do all the tedious tasks.

With an agent, you only have to wait for prospective home buyers to visit and inspect your home. Your agent will even coach you on what you should say to make your house sound and appear more attractive. You will have to pay your agent a commission in the end, but you are sure to get a quicker and better deal in exchange.

All these tips may lead to an instant sale. If not though, then just be a little more patient, and sooner or later, your hard work will pay off. The real estate for sale market may be slightly in the red now, but there will always be smart investors who will want to lease or buy your property.

For more information, visit this real estate agent directory and for additional sources.

Painting Your Loft

Painting Your Loft

this article was written by Robin Hurkoo of The London Decorators at

When you have finished all the building chip away at your space transformation then the fun part comes, enhancing your space.

Painting your Loft Conversion

With regards to embellishing your space change the main thing you will need to do is paint or backdrop the dividers. One of the greatest slip-ups individuals make when designing is to paint on recently put dividers, so if your dividers are recently put hold up to the extent that this would be possible before painting on them. Ideally a little while. On the off chance that you need to begin improving your space straight away you can dilute the paint which will permit you to paint straight on to recently put dividers.

A recently made space change will be loaded with tidy and remaining flotsam and jetsam; you ought to clean this away before you begin to paint the space.

Before you apply the paint it is a smart thought to apply a water-based sealer for the recently put dividers, this will keep the mortar in great condition and ensure any antagonistic climate conditions don’t hurt your space transformation dividers. It merits paying more cash and purchasing water-based sealer. It will take more work and power to keep your space warm as it is so high up in the house and it is closer to the rooftop, so it might take your mortar longer to dry, so permit as much time as you can before you begin making your show-stopper on the dividers.

You might need to adorn your space transformation in stages, in the event that you are utilizing sealer and paint you should ensure that the room is very much ventilated and that you wear a cover. In the event that your space is little and encased then you should ensure you open a window and make it as ventilated as possible.

Sanding Down your Loft Conversion

The considerable thing about a space transformation is that everything is new, you’ll have new dividers, new ground surface and another rooftop, yet with originality additionally brings the need to get everything clean and in the correct condition.

Your new ground surface and perhaps you’re roof will both be made out of wood. Before you do anything to your wood you should ensure that you smooth it down appropriately.

You don’t have to go insane, you simply need to sand it down so it’s prepared to paint on, you ought to utilize medium size sandpaper and ensure that you sand with the grain and not against it. You ought to likewise apply a stain-blocking preliminary to make the wood as solid as could be expected under the circumstances and that no stains get on the wood.

Home Decoration and the Loft

While adorning your space transformation it is critical to consider how much space you have. On the off chance that your space change isn’t enormous you would prefer not to put a great deal of home embellishment in there or hang furniture that will be excessively profound. In the event that you would it be able to is a smart thought to assemble the space decorations in the space if conceivable. On the off chance that you have steep or restricted space stairs then you won’t not have the capacity to fit wide or expansive furniture up your staircase, so on the off chance that you can settle it together in your space this will be an additional reward. On the off chance that you need to transform your space change into a diversions room it merits considering how you will get things, for example, a snooker table upstairs to the space.

Enlivening your space is the best time some portion of your space change, so don’t make it too hard, recall that you might be limited by the stature and size of your space, so ensure you have measured how you will get your embellishing hardware up to the space before you begin, or you could get yourself stayed with space furniture that won’t fit in your space.

How to design a loft en suite

How to design a loft en suite

This article was written by Henry Hooft of

en suite bathroom in a loft conversion

If you’re switching your loft space to set-up additional bedroom accommodation, it seems sensible to include en collection bathroom facilities on a single floor for convenience. In the event the loft conversion is usually to be a new master suite, an en collection bathroom should be observed as essential, and can likely increase the value of your house.

An en collection bathroom do not need to take up much space, but it’s important to make certain that the area allocated has sufficient headroom for features including the WC, basin and bathtub to function easily.

Planning for a loft en collection layout

Start your en collection task with a level floorplan of the loft space and tag a dotted lines showing where in fact the ceiling elevation reduces right down to 1.8m, 1.6m and 1.4m. This may allow one to plan where in fact the foundation and other furniture can go while departing sufficient full-height space so that you can move around and it’ll show the area left to generate the bathroom.

Investing in a dormer screen can create extra headroom, but if this isn’t possible, a rooflight can still add 150mm — which will make all the difference more than a WC or basin.

The toilet will typically be made using timber studwork, clad in sea ply and tile support plank (inside) and plasterboard (outside), with the voids filled up with acoustic insulation.
Metal frames can be found to make into stud wall space for a wall-mounted WC with a hidden cistern, or a wall-mounted basin.
The voids between your studs are well suited for concealing the domestic plumbing, land pipes, wiring, hidden cistern and mixers for taps and showers.
You may have the ability to use voids in stud wall surfaces for forming storage space niches.
A bath will match a space calculating only 1m by 2.6m, with a WC, basin and a 900mm rectangular shower holder — full headroom is necessary here, however the ceiling can commence to slope down in the WC cistern. Your bathrooms will require at least 1.7m by 2.3m floor area to include a WC, basin and standard shower. The ceiling elevation can be reduced over one end of the bathtub or the medial side of the bath tub, and behind the cistern, so that it is sometimes better to fit a bathtub into a loft room when compared to a shower.

En suite light and ventilation

It isn’t necessary to have a screen in your bathrooms, but if it’s possible it is suitable. Planning agreement isn’t usually an obstacle for a tiny dormer windows or gable windowpane, offering you use obscured a glass and no area of the window starts below 1.7m. Venting is vital to meet up with the Building Polices, so an extractor supporter will be had a need to provide both record and rapid draw out ventilation.

Planning the plumbing

You should indicate on your floorplan where any existing ground pipes for restrooms on lower floor surfaces can be found, as it’ll be simpler to hook up the new en collection to one of the than to set up a new garden soil pipe. Although this might also be possible, depending on located area of the drains outside the house — look for the inspection chambers or speak to a plumber.

Connecting drinking water and drainage

If you cannot hook up into a ground tube, you can still make a bathroom any place in the loft and hook up it using versatile small bore throw away pipes and a pumped product with a macerator.
Hot and frosty plumbing related can be branched faraway from a preexisting bathroom on to the floor below, and the pipes concealed in something duct, or in the rear of a cupboard. Adaptable plastic domestic plumbing can make retrofitting in an easier way than rigid copper tube.
If your plumbing related works from a header container, this should be moved greater than the loft bathroom taps or showerhead to generate pressure.
You’ll be able to use a flush bathtub holder, or walk-in bathtub holder in a loft bathroom, however the floor level might need to be developed to support the waste snare.
To get a walk-in shower, it is advisable to use a pre-formed holder with a built-in trap and tank the complete floor, decked out the surfaces by 100mm, so the water can only just evade down the snare.
You may want to fit a mains pressure plumbing related system, with the combi boiler providing instant warm water on demand, or a boiler and unvented cylinder. A mains pressure system requires at least 1 club of pressure — enough to lift up normal water 10m. If the neighborhood mains pressure isn’t sufficient, normal water could be pumped from a coffin fish tank to create the required pressure.


A radiator towel rail is usually sufficient to heating a tiny bathroom, but it is nice to acquire underfloor home heating too, particularly if your floor is tiled. Electric underfloor warming mats are inexpensive (around ?100 for 6m?) and can only improve the floor level by 3-4mm, to allow them to be laid beneath tiles.



Turn your Loft into a Home Cinema

Turn your Loft into a Home Cinema

This article was written by Craig Fertis from

When you have the luxury of any spacious loft, you will want to make that space luxurious by changing your loft into an epic home movie theater! The prospect of leisure and rest has learned no bounds when you yourself have a particular room in your own home for all your family. Plus, even though you don’t possess much space, or perhaps a loft in any way, we can create a unique one for your home through one of your extension options.

Children can enjoy seeing the latest kid’s HD movie using their friends in the comfort of their own house, individuals can enjoy some personal privacy with the latest five-star thriller without buying constantly expensive cinema seat tickets and you could also connect your gaming games consoles in and immerse yourself in a few stunning design, top-notch storytelling and fun multiplayer action thanks to the entertainment industry’s highest grossing sector.
If these potential customers have you requesting the question “where will i sign up?”, why don’t we help you to get planned and ready to convert your loft by informing you of most that should be done to be able to carefully turn your epic movie theater dream into possible!

home theater room
home theater room

The Foundations

Before you begin any immediate focus on your loft conversion, ensure that it’s covered, damp-proofed, tanked and plastered. If floor surfaces and walls never have been completed, then consider cabling as you improve with their development. We advise that you conceal the cables and wires by either embedding them in your brand-new wall surfaces or tucking them under flooring.

When it comes to sound-proofing, it certainly will depend on the closeness of your neighbours and the sort of property you have (detached, semi-detached or terraced). If you opt to soundproof your movie theater loft, you can either have sounded dampened or even stop it entirely. All this is something that not only can we check rigorously for you, they are all matters that people can fully care for you.

loft conversion home cinema
loft conversion home cinema

A Loft’s Living Colour

The following point to consider is the color scheme. The consequences and atmosphere of the home movie theater will unquestionably work best if you select dark tones for the surfaces, the flooring and the roof. Unless you want to go with a totally nocturnal black, you can test a dark blue, mossy renewable or a crimson brownish to add a vintage turn to your movie theater. A dark carpet always is effective in a theater, but alternatively you may decide on a dark linoleum instead so the floor is easily cleanable in case there is any drink or treat spillages.

No Rays of Light

A major element in why lofts are so idea for conversions into a movie theater room is the fact that lofts come with an almost inevitable insufficient natural light. So long as you have venting sorted in a few form, outdoor air and sunlight isn’t needed. If you do have day light shining through the window or wall structure, then we advise that you stop it out. We advise that you either get some good specialist shades or that you make your own drape from blackout cloth.

The Proper Light

A home theater loft conversion
A home theater loft conversion

To really establish the mood at home cinema, you’ll need to install light to be utilized before and after every film. A dimmer swap is wonderful for both atmosphere and permitting you full control. With fibre optics, you can create some beautiful results inside your darkened space, such as possessing a roof adorned with awe-inspiring superstars that contain a versatile twinkling effect.

Home Special Cinema

Be sure you find a very good prices and brands for how big is displays and projectors you are looking for, you can certainly do this by finding special suppliers on the internet and requesting in specialist traditional stores.

Take note of your wall structure measurements as well as the likely distance between display and projector. It really is then far better to get professional advice regarding the right model for you as well as your cinematic requirements.

Just Loft Conversion
Just Loft Conversion

The Ultimate Frontier

Now, all that’s still left to do is to consider the furniture that you set your movie theater out with. The main thing is to ensure maximum comfort for friends and family and family members while an epic movie, but at exactly the same time optimise and utilise the area in your loft. There’s little point in possessing a one comfortable leather sofa only if three people can fit onto it.

Because of this it’s actually better to go for traditional cinema and appearance into creating rows of seats so that a lot of men and women can get cushy and calm all at exactly the same time.

Your home theatre should nearly be done, looking swanky and leave you all gagging to bounce into your chairs, popcorn (we personally recommend propercorn) at hand and prepared to enjoy some blockbuster (man I haven’t heard that term in a long time) entertainment.

If you want any help switching your loft into an epic theatre (or elsewhere)? Perhaps you would like to relax and relax with some films downstairs for the present time while we do the task? Speak to us by email or mobile phone for a free of charge quote today!